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Photos of the Duckwall-Brust Affair

I haven't yet done all the pictures from mplscorwin & Dee's wedding reception*, but I have gone through and done a rough sort and have started tweaking the good ones. That is to say, I'm doing some light photoshopping on them—adjusting contrast on most, cropping some, and so on. As I've said before, I believe there are some nice pix but none are, you know, ART. Ah well, no matter. I'll be busy tonight, but I still have tomorrow night off work and am hoping to get to the rest of them then. For now, however, I'm posting one I kinda liked. That's the lovely bride† on the right. (I don't know the identity of the woman on the left.)

Photo Copyright © 2006 Fred A Levy Haskell

* I notice that DD-B has posted that he has some of his photos up now (which I mention in case you don't normally read his LJ).
† It is a truism that all brides are lovely but Dee was even more so.

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