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Looks like I’m pretty much frittering away the night instead of being able to write. *sigh*

So I’ll upload another quotation; this is one I found just the other day in Since Then: How I Survived Everything and Lived to Tell About It, written by David Crosby and Carl Gottlieb. Now I don’t reckon David Crosby to be one of the great sages of our time or anything, but this seemed both well said and on target:

    I don't remember much advice from my parents on how to live my life, but I do recall one very important, positive piece of information I got from my mother, when I was young and asking about love and marriage. She said, quite simply, “Find someone you can make happy,” and I thought she’d gotten it backwards. “No,” I said, “you mean someone who makes me happy,” and she quite clearly answered: “No, your greatest happiness will be that you are able to make someone happy.” Half a century later, I am convinced she was as right as rain. It’s such a wise and true thing…. I’ve come to understand it’s absolutely so. (page 114)

Watching mplscorwin and Dee the other night reminded me of this statement and makes me think they have this one down cold. (Or maybe warm would be a more appropriate word in this context!)

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