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Gosh-golly-darn-it. Got out of bed about 45 minutes ago, took my meds, and ate the wonderful left-over chicken-biryani-Susan-made-yesterday while glancing at my email and skimming LJ. Now I'm drinking coffee and feeling pretty much awake and ready to read and comment and write and now … and now I have to get dressed and head off for work. *sigh*

BTW, it's been another peak at work the last two weeks, which means lots of overtime & a bit of extra ca$h when the ol' paycheck is deposited, but it also means there was less sleep and less time for other things. In case you were wondering. FWIW. YMMV. etc.

The other news at work is that while my job grade remains Typesetter II, I'm moving from straight typesetting over to Production Support, which is like tech support but more focused on helping our other typesetters through the various micro issues with our typesetting software (rather than the global machine and software issues that a tech support group deals with). And, of course, still doing typesetting when not busy with support. This should prove interesting—it's an opportunity to learn a lot more and use my problem-solving skills and … mmm … well, I'll *bounce* more about it when I have a little more time. For the moment I'll mention that the other change it brings is welcome though apparently small: I'm working Sunday through Thursday instead of Mon-Fri (still 10pm to 6am though). I think I will much prefer these days; again, more on that soon.

Hugs to all. Be well. More later.

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