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From out of the comment depths...

A little over a week ago, mrissa mentioned in passing she'd accomplished one of the tasks that had been on her to-do list for months: putting up pictures of her niece. I took a peek at said pictures and found I had to wax rhapsodic on the topic of babies. In case anyone who didn't see it in its original context is interested, here's my comment.

Ahhh, babies. Babies are wonderful, yes.

There was once a time when I didn't understand babies. I don't see what all the fuss is about. And it looks fragile—I'd best keep my distance. And little children terrified me. What's he saying? I don't understand. What does she want? Am I suppose to move? … just stand here? … talk to her? … give her something … or what? What if I guess wrong? Heck, they were even harder to understand, communicate with, and generally be around than adults, who were plenty hard enough. And teenagers…! Don't get me started on teenagers!

Then daughter Gavriella came along. She (mostly) patiently taught me (almost) everything I needed to know about babies … then, toddlers. After that, she was good enough to introduce me to the wonderful world of children—what a fascinating place that is! With so much to learn, such room to grow! (’Twas there I discovered that, for the most part, my development appears to still be stuck at the parallel play level—only occasionally do I find myself comfortably engaging in interactive play. *sigh*) Now I've gone back to paid work as a corporate employee (and third shift work at that) so I don't see her as much or for as extended times, but even so she's beginning to teach me much about teenagers.

Babies are wonderful. Toddlers are wonderful. (Went we would go for a walk, she would reach up and hold my hand, except her hand was too small to hold my entire hand so she'd hold my little finger. *wilt*) Little girls are wonderful. Little boys might be wonderful—I'm still not sure about them*. Teenagers are wonderful, although there are times they do their utmost to hide it.

My guess is that adults are probably wonderful too. The limited sample I've been working with seems to confirm that hypothesis and it's my hope that I'll soon be able to get myself out more often and do some field research.

Um. Sorry. I was inspired by the pictures of your niece. She's a wonderful *girl*baby*, she is! I'll just go away quietly now and leave you to your regularly-scheduled responsive comments.

* Joke, Moshe.

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