Fred A Levy Haskell (fredcritter) wrote,
Fred A Levy Haskell

No hangers!, revisited

One of my recent posts, consisted simply of this symbol:

No Hangers!

One of our friends confessed confusion as to its possible meaning, so I thought it would be good to explain.

It's actually an image with a multiplicity of meanings and potential meanings—layers of 'em in fact.

1. What I believe most everybody on the thread's been responding to is that it can be taken to mean "no coathangers" = "no going back to back-alley abortions using rusty coathangers*" = "keep abortion safe and legal". (*that being the canonical word image of illegal abortions from back in the bad-old-days).

2. I must admit that the reference to Joan Crawford that occurred to asimovberlioz and sweetalice escapes me. Perhaps one of them will explain it.

3. The particular image I posted was actually once in one of my photographs, but I've photoshopped it rather dramatically. I will make clear the meaning intended by the people who originally posted the sign by showing you its original context and then the original photo from which I extracted the post.

Original context:
hotel room

Original photo:
no hangers sign

3.a. Finally (as far as I know at the moment, but there may well be further reverberations and levels of meaning), seeing the sign gave me rather a giggle as I've heard The True Story about The Incident which likely caused hotels throughout the nation to decide that such a warning sign is necessary. It took place at a science fiction convention at a hotel in (I think it was) Washington D.C. It seems a couple who were of a cultural subgroup whose membership to some extent overlaps that of fandom were particularly bone-headed about where they attached the equipment they then used to engage in their particular form of … um … fanac….

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