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21 August 2006 @ 04:05 am

Last night I went to post a comment in artinnudity and discovered that I wasn't really a member there—only a "lookie-lou." So I rectified that, using a link to my ImageEvent photo albums as a credential. In the process, and while poking around on LJ some more today, I realized once again how embarrassed I am that I have managed to scan and post so very little of my best work (and that the handful of images I'm really proud of in the ImageEvent albums aren't also specially called out in a separate "I like these best" album).

But the photo session I did a couple of weeks ago with Kashia has got me scanning again. (There's this whole long story about how the Nikon software hasn't been updated for System X and how the LS-2000 is on the SCSI bus so the software doesn't "see" it when running in Classic mode and how the strip-film feeder is much too fussy about accepting strips [particularly those of six] anyway and how VueScan shareware lets me at least scan without rebooting in System 9 but there are things about it I didn't like and/or had to figure out before I could use it and there's the whole not getting things done because I'm depressed thing and I'm sure you don't want to hear it all in four-part harmony and with full orchestration….)

Where was I Jon? Oh yes, so thanks to the session with Kashia and my guilt about how few of the photos I've actually worked up from all the times we've worked together over the years even though so many of them are really good, I'm in the process of scanning all the photos from this most recent session, and have been doing so off-and-on for the past week or so, after figuring out that I can work with the VueScan/LS-2000 combination to my satisfaction. (In fact, I'm scanning right now, even as I write. Or rather, I was. Now I'm trying to get the scanner to accept the next strip of six…. Once it does, we'll be back to scanning.) And it occurs to me that now that I've started being in the habit, I can just carry on by scanning, say, the slides in Da Fred Levy Haskell Song And Slide show next. And thereby have stuff I'm really proud of to upload and share.

So I've resolved to do just that. We'll see how it works out. You, my friends, may feel free to nudge me if you don't hear anything about this project/resolution as the days and weeks pass.

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Mayor of "There"rmjwell on August 21st, 2006 01:07 pm (UTC)
Fred, if I may offer a pre-emptive nudge, every time I have seen your work, I've been impressed by it. I look forward to seeing whatever you decide to make public on whatever schedule you choose.

I do hope you choose a timetable that is sooner rather than Real Soon Now.
Fred A Levy Haskell: Fredcritter eyes onlyfredcritter on August 22nd, 2006 09:01 am (UTC)
Thanks! I hope to begin once I've scanned this current batch of negatives (which looks like it could take another week or so). But I also have jury duty coming up. We'll see.
Matthew B. Tepper: 1804 Dollarasimovberlioz on August 21st, 2006 02:12 pm (UTC)
Please, Fred, scan some of what you consider to be your best work. And if you feel like it, post it. Since I can't be there in person to look at your prints, at least in this way I can appreciate your artistry as a photographer. (Your artistry with the twelve-string I can properly appreciate, I guess, only if we happen to be at the same parties again someday.)
Fred A Levy Haskell: Fredcritter eyes onlyfredcritter on August 22nd, 2006 09:06 am (UTC)

Yup, I intend to scan. And I reckon there's little point in going to all that work if I'm not going to post at least some of it. Although it's going to take some thought and discussion(s) before and/or whether I post any of the ones with nude people in them, there are certainly plenty of other good photos.

As far as 12-strings and parties go … who knows? It's a funny old world. Many things can happen, and many more that can don't. We'll just have to wait and see, eh?

songs in the key of mechorus on August 21st, 2006 03:24 pm (UTC)
Yes, please. *gesticulates* I can't look at them if they're not there.
Fred A Levy Haskell: Fredcritter eyes onlyfredcritter on August 22nd, 2006 09:07 am (UTC)
You're certainly right about that. I'll see what I can do…
songs in the key of mechorus on August 23rd, 2006 06:00 pm (UTC)
I don't think I ever mentioned it, by the way, but I do rather like looking at the older con pictures, which had a few glimpses of 'younger version person I know or know of'. I'm one of those people who really likes to see the way things (haircuts and clothes as well as people) change over the years, so it's doubly interesting.

Also, I still think those Congenial pictures are pretty darn spiffy, except for the ones with me in them. (Well, okay, to be fair, there's nothing wrong with the PICTURES; I just don't like the way I LOOK.)
Fred A Levy Haskell: Fredcritter eyes onlyfredcritter on August 26th, 2006 08:55 am (UTC)
If you did mention it, I don't remember it. I'm glad you like the Congenial pix—thankee, thankee.
Peter Hentgesjbru on August 21st, 2006 04:04 pm (UTC)
I'll be sure to be looking when I get home. (I think even artful nudity will be frowned upon in the workplace, sigh.)

I've seen bits and pieces of various presentations of Da Fred Levy Haskell Song and Slide show so I'll also be looking forward to getting its complete visual complement.

Is this something for which having a friend about drinking beers and chatting would be a help or a hindrance?
Fred A Levy Haskell: Fredcritter eyes onlyfredcritter on August 22nd, 2006 09:14 am (UTC)
Ain't no nudity, artful or otherwise, on-line yet. And as I indicated above, that's currently a grey area in my thoughts. // Thanks for your forward-lookingness. // And thanks for the offer, but I think the best I can do towards reducing the boredom of scanning is what I'm doing now—LJournaling and suchlike while I try to get the ‹explitive deleted› scanner to accept the next strip of negatives, and then, once it does take, puttering around while that strip is scanned. If my thinking changes and I decide that LivePerson will trump LiveJournal, I'll be sure and think of you.
gomeza on August 21st, 2006 04:05 pm (UTC)
Have you looked at ViewScan? It talked to my (admittedly lousy, but free) Canon scanner when nothing else would.

I would love to see more of your work, and if you haven't been exposing us to your "best" work, I'm prepared to be very impressed indeed.
Fred A Levy Haskell: Fredcritter eyes onlyfredcritter on August 22nd, 2006 09:17 am (UTC)
Yup, I'm using VueScan, and it talks to the scanner just fine. Problem is, it doesn't listen to me quite the way I'd like it to. But it does work and I'm carrying on. // Thanks.
dd-bdd_b on August 21st, 2006 06:08 pm (UTC)
Onward with the scanning! Definitely.

I've got problems with selectivity in my own collection. I like having the fairly unselective snapshot album section (and I get a LOT less flack from my sweeties when I actually show most of the photos), but I don't have a process for picking out the best shots and emphasizing them or even listing them elsewhere. And the "other" photos section probably isn't selective enough either, especially in some of the older galleries. I keep thinking I will figure out a better scheme that isn't *too* much trouble. I've briefly thought about letting people rate things in the snapshot collection and having "best of" options, but I don't think I really get the traffic to support that model.

gomeza, he's already using VueScan, he says. I've barely played with it, but it's definitely the answer for a lot of scanners that have slipped out of support (like Fred's problem with OS-X support for the LS-2000) and a number of people find it their first-choice interface. So I hear.
Fred A Levy Haskell: Fredcritter eyes onlyfredcritter on August 22nd, 2006 10:03 am (UTC)
Yup! Onward and upward! // Yeah, selectivity is tough. As with you, the "how do I highlight/separate/point out/do something with the best of what's already up?" question niggles at me without quite demanding or illuminating a full-blown answer. I'm partly lucky in that the slides that were/are in Da Show are already pretty well winnowed-down, so I just have to get them scanned and up.
dd-bdd_b on August 22nd, 2006 06:03 pm (UTC)
Yes, Da Show shouldn't, if you did it right the last time :-), need further winnowing, though the nudity issue has to be resolved.

When I think about scanning the Minn-StF family album collection I started in maybe 1983? I think about going back to the originals whenever possible vs. scanning the copies/slides I made from them for that show, which is more complicated.

On the LS-2000, when the power feeder is acting up too much, you can put a strip of negs in the strip holder which then inserts into the slide adapter. That loses you batch scanning, though. Still, I found myself resorting to it quite a lot towards the end. (I eventually broke my LS-2000 somehow and sold it for parts back in March, I'm now using a 5000ED with the slide stack loader.)
Fred A Levy Haskell: Fredcritter eyes onlyfredcritter on August 23rd, 2006 06:36 am (UTC)

"…you can put a strip of negs in the strip holder…." 'Tis true enough, although I find that a pain in the neck as well. A different pain in the neck than the finicky strip feeder, but a pain in the neck nonetheless.

Is the 5000ED's strip feeder any better? That's the one thing I didn't find mentioned in any of the reviews of the (what was it? 4000?), and the strip feeder is basically the only real annoyance I have with the LS-2000 (oh yeah, and now the problem with the outdated SCSI interface). It's otherwise a pretty decent scanner. If the 5000ED's strip feeder is measurably better I'd probably be tempted to trade up soonest. (Well, perhaps not trade—who'd take the LS-2000?—but replace in any case.)

dd-bdd_b on August 23rd, 2006 03:30 pm (UTC)
I haven't had strip feeder issues, but as I recall I didn't have them with the ls-2000 *AT THE BEGINNING* either. So I'm not prepared to make a sweeping claim here.

I sold my broken LS-2000 (listed as "non-working" and "for parts") on Ebay for $65 plus shipping (roughly, from memory). A working one should be worth over twice that I'd think. So you can sort-of trade up a little bit, anyway, if you want. The Coolscan V pretty much sets an upper limit on what the LS-2000 could be worth.

The 5000ED cost me considerably less than the LS-2000 did when I bought it (close to when it was released). But I really wouldn't have wanted to skip those years of scanning.

I've still got SCSI in three computers here; actually using it in two of them. And none of this is the modern low-voltage differential still used in datacenter disk drives and such.
Fred A Levy Haskell: Fredcritter eyes onlyfredcritter on August 26th, 2006 08:53 am (UTC)
Thanks for the information!
Target for Displaced Anger: smyfandomclassicdavidkevin on August 24th, 2006 06:45 pm (UTC)

Any galleries you might have from '70s worldcons have a certain nostalgia value....

Fred A Levy Haskell: Fredcritter eyes onlyfredcritter on August 26th, 2006 08:52 am (UTC)

Well, it's a smidge before your requested time frame, but I do have some photos I took at Saint Louiscon up in my Science Fiction Conventions album on ImageEvent. I also have some I took at the 1970 Midwestcon, which, while in the time frame, isn't a Worldcon. Will that do for a start?

Target for Displaced Anger: rmyfandomclassicdavidkevin on August 26th, 2006 06:51 pm (UTC)

Yes, I've seen them both. They're excellent, and enabled me to see what some fabled BNFs I never met looked like.