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Minicon 38

Minicon 38 looked to me like a very good convention. Lots of great people to talk with, lots of comfortable spaces in which to do so. I purely love our new hotel — the Millennium Hotel Minneapolis. There’s lots of function space, it’s a comfortable and attactive space, and the consuite — ahhhh, the consuite! We haven’t seen a consuite like that since the days at the old Downtown Minneapolis Radisson. They just don’t make ’em like that any more! The Millennium is about the right size for Minicon’s current size — there’s room to grow, but we’re not rattling around like we were in the Hilton Mineapolis and Towers (which would have been the perfect size if we’d stayed in the 2000–3000 range or even grown a bit, but it didn’t work out that way…). The staff was almost unbelievably helpful and friendly. As I’ve been saying, after about 10 years at the Radisson South, we and the staff had more or less trained each other in, and we were very relaxed and friendly with each other; well, things were like that this, our very first, year at the Millennium. (Though not the first year in that physical plant — Minicon 10 was there in 1975 when it was a Holiday Inn! Of course, back then there was a fancy restaurant in part of what we’re now using as our consuite, so much was different.)

Me, I missed pretty much everything. Since I don’t know how to delegate, I simply parked myself behind the registration desk most of the weekend. I was planning on making music Friday evening after I moved the registration stuff up to the Bridge, but I went back to our room to relax and freshen up before going out for music and woke up Saturday morning. Saturday I was sure I’d get to the music, but around 8pm I went up and read to Gavi for a while and turned off the light and stayed with her for a few minutes to help her get to sleep (as is our usual practice) … and then it was Sunday morning. By Sunday mid-day I realized that sleep was more attractive to me than almost any other activity, so I apologized to everybody for not making it to the previous music sessions and resolved to see my doctor soon about perhaps changing my meds, since the Celexa obviously isn’t quite doing it for me lately. I wanted to make it back for Sunday night music, but, well, same thing.


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