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Weekend Wrap-Up

I completed a 60+ hour week this morning. I've decided I deserve a night off. I'm taking one. (We've got a crunch this weekend, so they'd be glad for my assistance, but I suspect I'd have trouble making it through the coming week without a little time at home to clear my head.)

Susan tells me she and Gavi had a very nice time at the party they attended last night—I'm sorry I had to miss it. Ah well. "Peak" will be over in another week, week-and-a-half, and then I'll be in a position to go to parties again. I'll probably even have the energy to fully participate—unlike my state at the last party I attended. (Of course, that will be contingent on people having, and inviting me to, parties….) Why, I'll probably even have time to read LJ again; maybe even make a few more entries. Not to over-burden my free time, but I'd sure like to process and post more photos. Then again, there's the vitally important project that's been on hold far too long now: dealing with all the clutter that's built up around the house. That would be swell! It would mean we could again invite people in and even (dast we hope?) find things when we want them.

I guess we shall see what we shall see.

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