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ConFusion Journal - A Transcription. Part 6.

12:40 PM, 22 January 2006 (Sunday).

The lost day. Got up yesterday around 6AM, thought I’d have breakfast. Called the front desk: “The restaurant opens at six.” Perfect! As I was getting dressed, phone rings—it’s the front desk: “I’m sorry, I misspoke. The restaurant doesn’t open this morning until 7AM.” Okay. Figures. Read and lounged in bed etc. Go down to breakfast. Very nice, but maybe I ate too much. (Dinner previously in bar couldn’t quite finish cheeseburger, felt queasy, ’twas greasy, etc.)

Came back to room, figured I’d catch a nap for a few hours since there likely wouldn’t be much going on yet. Breakfast sitting high and uncomfortable. Kept waking up. Around 11:30 got up and barfed some of breakfast. Felt better in some ways; at least not quite so bloated. Fitful sleep.

skzbrust called around 9PM to see about getting together to make music. I explained that I hadn’t been feeling well and had been sleeping and would call him back as soon as I was awake enough to assess the situation. Got up. Had the runs—couldn’t tell if it was my normal wake-up runs or if it was unusual. Got dressed. Called Steve back to say I was not sure yet, would head up to ConSuite to be vertical and assess. Didn’t want to nail him to his room waiting on me—he said he had things to do in his room and that if he got antsy he’d head up to the ConSuite to find me.

Went up to ConSuite. Was indeed vertical … more or less. Pretty crowded but not many people I recognized. Felt very out of place, but that’s another story. Noticed a beautiful woman portraying Cleopatra (I think) in absolutely stunning and extremely well-done body paint. Had I recognized her I would have said something admirational, but I didn’t so I didn’t.

Somebody had set out fruit—I took a tangerine. Turned out it had apparently been set down too hard some hours ago and the bottom was … unfortunate. Put it back. Went to the bathroom to grab a soda out of the tub. Said “excuse me” to ‹not lj user="Eric V Olson"› who was in doorway helping to refill; he squidged out of the way but didn’t recognize me until (oh drat! what’s her name?) greeted me by name. I guess I wasn’t looking much like myself. Couldn’t find 7up or other non-diet clear soda so grabbed a Coke (hey, whattheheck: Coke syrup was once thought to be a stomach-settling pharmaceutical).

Went back out and ate a banana half from the fruit plate. Drank the Coke. Felt unstable and wozzy. Came back to room and had more runs. Decided not up to anything—back to sleep until morning.


Today awoke around 8AM. Went down figuring I needed to eat something, maybe oatmeal. Ran into netmouse in lobby; she was just headed for breakfast too. We both had oatmeal … hers with raisins. Pleasant chat.

Back to room. Slept. Now awake. Will try to shower and then maybe hang out in the bar.

To be continued…

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