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ConFusion Journal - A Transcription. Part 5.

2:00 AM, 21 January 2006.

It was much fun making music with Steve Brust (skzbrust) again. There were fewer people in the room than we would have liked but they were very engaged, which made it possible to play.* We nailed “All Along the Watchtower”—very satisfying. I was in surprisingly good voice and I forgot fewer chords than I thought I might. Found myself doing some rather interesting strums/rhythm patterns. Fluffy’s environment was suitably enriched. I do wish there were some way I could get it together to practice and that there’d be opportunity to play more often than once in a blue moon….

Seems odd that it broke up so early. But folks were headin’ off to sleep and the hotel needed to close the room around 2AM so they could let it air out and then do set-up for 6AM. I suppose I could try to see if anything’s kicking in the con suite, but I’m feeling especially like a social … nerd? ne’er do well? … these days, so even if I did go up and there was something afoot I pro’lly wouldn’t know how to engage. Definitely must avoid the hot tub/Jacuzzi/whatever. Who knows who’d be there, how they’d be dressed (or not!), and how that would make me feel. Am in my room now. Maybe I’ll read a bit and try to go to sleep. Maybe even get up in time to have breakfast food for breakfast. Now there’s a thought…

*Steve and I find it takes much more energy to make music for more than a short time than either of us are able to provide, either individually or together—in order to make music for a goodly amount of time we need the contributions of energy made by other people around us (people who are sometimes referred to as an “audience,” but that term doesn’t begin to express their actual place and importance in the process). Seems to me that music violates the laws of conservation of matter/energy, because by the end of the evening much more energy has been created (and used, it must be admitted) than was contributed….

To be continued…

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