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ConFusion Journal - A Transcription. Part 3.

20 January 2006, continued

I soon wandered back to my room to pee and lay down.

Set cell phone’s alarm for 3 hours—don’t know if I slept. Reset for 1 more hour, got up shortly before it went off. Went down for food in bar (not really hungry but knowing last chance until&hellip). Surprisingly packed in lobby. Surprisingly cold in bar. Not comfortable, not entirely due to the cold I think. netmouse came over, sat for a bit, flitted. Not a problem.

My first bite of cheeseburger was a surprise—I thought vaguely of puking. Grease? Cold? Sniffles all the way on the train sick instead of allergies (as I had thought)? Dunno. Ate most of the burger somehow; was uncomfortable throughout but much less edge-of-puking. When finished, decided to go back to room.

Awaiting elevator, Mike & Susan and Frank and Joel (both from Cinci—I’ve known each of them for half of forever but I can’t dredge their last names up from my memory at the moment) arrived, fresh from opening ceremonies, exclaiming “Steve Stiles mentioned you in his GoH speech! We shouted out that you were here!” (It occurs to me now that had they included the canonical “He’s in the bar” it would have been quite true, though not precisely as canonically imagined….)

I said, “In a positive way, I hope?”

“Yes … uh … or neutral at worst. He mentioned running into you in Paris when he was there on honeymoon with Gail, his first (?) wife. He was musing on fandom and coincidence and such.”

“Tres cool. Actually, it was London. I’ve not been to Paris. But it’s easy to misremember—it’s been such a long exposition.”


So &hellip sitting in room. Turned up heat. Feeling a little better now that not cold, but still not swell.

Oh. Before Mike and Susan and Frank and Joel got there, skzbrust got off the elevator. I told him, “If I’m not evident when you’re ready to make music, give me a call in my room.” He agreed to that and went off.

To be continued…

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