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ConFusion Journal - A Transcription. Part 2.

20 January 2006. Later

As earlier alluded, awoke around 11am, bathed, went to lunch in the hotel restaurant. After lunch, went over to registration desk to pick up my badge and program book. As I was finishing up, Mike Glicksohn and Susan came up to pick up their materials. We warmly greeted and chatted a moment or two. I gave them my Susan’s best, which they returned. Mike mentioned that with the passing of Big Hearted Howard he is now the only person to have attended all of the ConFusions. *sigh* He and Susan proceeded to lunch outside the hotel; I forbore to join them as I had just eaten.

Went to the bar to read and watch the people filter in/mill around/pass by. netmouse called me (cell phones are handy at conventions, don’tchaknow). When she heard that I was in the bar, she asked if I’d like company. I said, “I’m just sitting here with Jacob Neusner, who has some fascinating things to say about rabbinic literature but, sure, I’d love some live company. Especially yours.”

She and skzbrust soon joined me at table, followed almost immediately by thatguychuck (to whom Anne introduced me, since we hadn’t yet met, although we had seen each other in passing at previous ConFusions) and John Scalzi (whom I remembered clearly from his delightful contributions to conversations in the same location during previous ConFusions).

We sat and chatted and generally had a nice time. We were soon joined by two friends (a male & a female) of Chuck whose names I didn’t catch. zencuppa arrived with the guitar she was loaning to Steve for the weekend, at which point Steve went off to his room to stash the guitar and await a call from Chicka. I soon wandered back to my room to pee and lay down.

To be continued…

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