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Snaphots of Bisbee, Arizona

I have uploaded some preliminary, low-resolution scans (thanks to ProX) of the pictures I took in Bisbee to a ClubPhoto album. will get you to my overall album list page; from there you can click on the "Bisbee" album to see the Bisbee thumbnails (and on a thumbnail to see a larger image... and from that window on "view full image" to see the full image (which isn't really all that much bigger in this case)).

Please keep in mind that at the moment, these are mere snapsho ts. They won't become actual photographs until I've had a chance to work with them a bit in Photoshop. For one thing, I noticed that the sky tended to go muddy when I optimized them -- I'd like to see if I can't retain the purer tones of blue. For another, many of the ones of Will & Emma had rather great extremes of contrast -- I can probably adjust the areas separately so the two of them are better defined without losing so much in the highlights. And there are dust spots to be removed. And I'll work from the larger scans. And I will do some things with a “sharpness” filter. Etc.

But even with all those warnings, there are some nice images there you might enjoy. Here's a sample:

Bisbee thumbnail


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