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just shuffling along on the iPod . . . from the morning of 12 January 2006

The rules (as passed along by holzman): Take out your iPod or other musical device. Put it in “random” mode. Hit “play.” Write down the first ten tracks that come up—and no fair putting in ones you think will make you look cool, or omitting ones that make you look like a total dork.
My rules, this time: The first ten tracks this morning on my way to and from the periodontist after switching from songlists to “shuffle play” for the drive … because I blew it last night—I thought I’d listened to 10 tracks before switching to some specific selections, but I hadn’t.

“Dead Man Blues” – Jelly Roll Morton’s Red Hot Peppers – The Pearls
“Ashokan Farewell Reprise” – David Grisman & Daniel Kobialka – Common Chord
“Bye Bye Blackbird” – Joe Cocker – With A Little Help From My Friends
“Fifteen Years (And I’m Still Serving Time)” – Pearl Bailey – The Best of Pearl Bailey: The Roulette Years
“Where The Old Red River Flows” – Whitstein Brothers – The Real Music Box—25 Years of Rounder Records: Hills of Home—25 Years of Folk Music on Rounder Records
“El Baile Del Suavito” – Orquesta Aragón – The Rough Guide to Cuban Son—Rhythmic roots of the salsa revolution
“The Seven Stars” – Tiger Moth – Mothballs
“Morning Of The Carnival from ‘Black Orpheus’ (Manha de Carnaval)” – Gerry Mulligan Sextet – Night Lights
“Alabama Jubilee” – Leon Redbone – Champagne Charlie
“Really The Blues” – Tommy Ladnier and His Orchestra – The Legendary Sidney Bechet
“Kairaba Jabi” – Dembo Konte & Kausu Kuyateh – The Rough Guide to the Music of Senegal & Gambia
“Sit Down I Think I Love You” – Buffalo Springfield – Buffalo Springfield

I think I may quit doing “the daily shuffle report” and see if I can’t use the same time and energy for quick journal entries which actually mention what’s been happening of late. A noble goal, no doubt … we’ll see how it goes.

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