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just shuffling along on the iPod . . . from the evening of 9 January 2006

The rules (as passed along by holzman): Take out your iPod or other musical device. Put it in “random” mode. Hit “play.” Write down the first ten tracks that come up—and no fair putting in ones you think will make you look cool, or omitting ones that make you look like a total dork.
My rules: The first ten selections while on my way to work and at work last night. (The listing starts with the first selection up when I get in the car and set the iPod to shuffle play so as to avoid the “optional starting and stopping” error so popular among ESP “researchers.”)

“Louisiana Fairy Tale” – Guy Van Duser & Billy Novick – Guy & Billy: Classic Jazz for Acoustic Guitar and Clarinet
“Jolly Mensah [New Version]” – Babatunde Olatunji – Drums of Passion and More, Vol.2
“Back Door Man” – Papa John Kolstad – Papa John Kolstad and The Hot Club Of East Lake
“Beans Taste Fine” – Papa John Kolstad with Wildman Mike Turk – Beans Taste Fine
[unidentified solo piano] – Thelonious Monk – Complete Riverside Recordings (Disc 08)
“Bordered On Breakdown” – The Greencards – Weather And Water
“I Got A Guy” – Chick Webb And His Orchestra; Ella Fitzgerald, vocal – An Introduction to Chick Webb—His Best Recordings, 1929–1939
“Hurts Me Too [jam]” – Derek and the Dominos – The Layla Sessions—20th Anniversary Edition: Alternate Masters, Jams, And Outtakes
“Bye Bye Blackbird” – Miles Davis & John Coltrane – Complete Columbia Recordings 1955–1961 (Disc 5)
“Settin’ The Woods On Fire #2” – Homer & Jethro – Country Their Way: 36 All-Time Greatest Hits

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