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just shuffling along on the iPod . . . from the morning of 9 January 2006

The rules (as passed along by holzman): Take out your iPod or other musical device. Put it in “random” mode. Hit “play.” Write down the first ten tracks that come up—and no fair putting in ones you think will make you look cool, or omitting ones that make you look like a total dork.
My rules: The first ten selections to play while taking Gavi to school this morning and coming home therefrom.

“Waiting For Magill” – Dakota Dave Hull – Reunion Rag
“La Bamba” – Cynthia Gooding – Cynthia Gooding Sings Spanish, Mexican, and Turkish Folk Songs
“Sweet Sue, Just You” – The Mills Brothers – Volume 2: Paper Doll
“Samba De Uma Nota Só (One Note Samba)” – Antonio Carlos Jobim – Antonio Carlos Jobim: The Man From Ipanema
“Don’t Renege on Our Love” – Lucy Kaplansky – Flesh and Bone
“Schiarazula Marazula” – Ulsamer Collegium, Josef Ulsamer – Dances of the Renaissance
“Hot Corn, Cold Corn” – The Holy Modal Rounders – 1 & 2
“Dog Bottom” – The Jungle Band – An Introduction to Chick Webb—His Best Recordings, 1929–1939
“No Tail To Wag” – Dana Gillespie – Andy Warhol: Best of the Mainman Years
“So Soon In The Morning” – Josh White – Josh White—The Elektra Years

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