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Bisbee, Arizona

Susan and I drove down to Bisbee to visit Will&Emma Saturday. Before I get any further, I'll mention that they're looking healthy and wonderful, and they say "hi!" to all ... and Emma says to tell Patrick that she really, really is hard at work on her book....

For those of you who haven't heard of Bisbee (G-d knows I hadn't!), it says here:

Bisbee, once "Queen of the Copper Camps", is now a thriving community that draws tourists from around the world to experience turn-of-the-century, European charm. Our mile high elevation leads many to boast of the best climate in the world.

Yeah. Well. That's what it says on the BISBEE VISITOR GUIDE MAP that I picked up at the place we had lunch. As I took it, the woman who'd served us said, "I don't know how current that is. There was a stack of those things here when we bought the place." Will&Emma confirmed that there have been some changes, but I allowed as how it will be a nice companion piece to my COLORFUL CRIPPLE CREEK map & pa mphlet.

As we pulled into downtown Bisbee from Highway 80, it certainly did appear to be a Colorful Replica of America's Past. But once we'd parked and called Will&Emma on the cell phone ("You're in front of the Lyric? Okay, we'll walk down. See you in a couple of minutes"), and started looking around a just bit more carefully, we saw that immediately beneath that thin veneer of Tourist Attraction was a hip and thriving community of artists and intellectuals. This latter impression was quickly confirmed once Wi l l&Emma arrived and started showing us around and introducing us to people. There certainly is History to be found in Bisbee, but it turns out to be real, rather than Disney, history....

It's a charming place, with very few flat or level spots. E veryth ing is built up and down and along the mountainsides. The streets were laid out by burros and people on foot, and are about as wide and straight as you'd expect from that.

I took a few photos which I hope to share with y'all before too long, so you may s ee what I mean. I think I'm better with photos than with words.

Hmmmmm. Maybe more later, eh? TTFN!>

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