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31 December 2005 @ 01:52 am
Grateful Songs  

Heh! Listing to the Grateful Dead from the evening of 2 March 1969 at the Fillmore West. Right in the middle of the “Drums” part of “Alligator > Drums > Jam > Caution (Do Not Stop on the Tracks) > Feedback > We Bid You Goodnight”, what do Mickey and Billy break into? “Ketjak”! (You know—the Ramayama Monkey Chant.) It is to laugh!

Current Mood: gigglygiggly
Current Music: Grateful Dead, Fillmore West 1969 March 2
A monstrous ramblingbibliofile on December 31st, 2005 05:27 pm (UTC)
Those guys, always goofing off.

Sometimes I wondered if they were simply playing Name That Tune instead of talking to each other about what to do next.