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At least part of the frustration I spoke of the other day -- that I'm not always able to choose the mode of expression available to me at any given time -- was engendered at least in part by the fact that I've actually read quite a stack of books since I last "reviewed" one here and that I've found much worthwhile and of interest in those books that I'd like to write about (partly to share it, partly to help me "digest" it), and yet it seems not to be the time when I can do that sort of thinking and writing. Even more interestingly, there seems to be some sort of synchronicity in what I'm reading -- books chosen for different reasons and from different "threads" of thought or other reading have had surprising parallels and overlaps. One of the things I want to start to consider is whence comes this synchronicity. Is it a meta-factor in my reading choices that I have yet to perceive? Is it a current interest in some of the overlapping larger issues? What?

Anyway, when the muse finally deigns to allow me to go back there, that's some of the stuff you'll be seeing here.


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