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Crackin' Good Books

This post is primarily for willshetterly & coffeeem, since we were just talking about a couple of my favorite books and I wanted to share some detailed information, but the rest of you are welcome to read it as well.

A book that is wonderful and whimsical and heartwarming and beautifully illustrated is Michael Bedard's Sitting Ducks. Sitting Ducks
The other book I mentioned is not only all of the above, it warms my little anti-establishment heart as well: Berkeley Breathed's Goodnight Opus.

A tip: if you can find a used hardbound copy of Goodnight Opus in good condition, you'll want to get it instead of the paperback edition—the printing of the paperback is shockingly poorer (although still acceptable).
Goodnight Opus
Finally, I hadn't mentioned it, but while I'm thinking along these lines, I should mention the wonderful book Gordon Garb (bless his black little heart) gifted Gavi with back when she was too young to read (although I imagine y'all already know of it): Daniel Pinkwater's The Big Orange Splot. The Big Orange Splot
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