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Yitgadal ve'yitkadash sh'mei raba

Sy Levy—Susan's father, Gavi's zayde, my father-in-law—may his memory be a blessing, died this afternoon. He was just home from surgery on his foot and Susan and Gavi had gone over to visit with him and with Ginny—Susan's mother, Gavi's bubbe, my mother-in-law. He was awake for a while and they chatted. He ate, then went back to bed. In his sleep an hour or so later his heart gave out and neither the home-care nurse's CPR nor the ambulance team's efforts revived him.

Holy One of Blessing, Your Presence fills creation, You are indeed the Judge.

He had been struggling with a number of health problems over the past few years so his passing was not a total surprise, yet it hadn't been expected.


Exalted and hallowed be God's greatness
In this world of Your creation.
May Your will be fulfilled
And Your sovereignty revealed
And the life of the whole house of Israel
Speedily and soon.
And say, Amen.

May You be blessed forever,
Even to all eternity.
May You, most Holy One, be blessed,
Praised and honored, extolled and glorified,
Adored and exalted above all else.

Blessed are You.
Beyond all blessings and hymns, praises and consolations
That may be uttered in this world,
In the days of our lifetime,
And say, Amen.

May peace abundant descend from heaven
With life for us and for all Israel,
And say, Amen.

May God, Who makes peace on high,
Bring peace to all and to all Israel,
And say, Amen.

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