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skzbrust is in town. As is netmouse. We'd wanted to get together and Steve & I especially wanted to make music together—it's been too long. This afternoon/evening, while I was asleep and they were out at the Ren Fest, minnehaha spent a bunch of time making arrangements so it could happen. They just called. … I've been walking around all week with an Ace thingie on my left wrist 'cause it's bunged up, and when they called I realized that it might be hard to fret the guitar with my wrist in that condition. I checked. It hurts to fret the guitar, sufficiently enough that if I were to try to make music it would just get worse and worse and harder and harder as the evening went on. Cr*p cr*p cr*p! No music party. Cr*p cr*p cr*p!

Thanks for trying guys. I'm upset. I let you down. I let me down. Cr*p cr*p cr*p!

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