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So I'm continuing to be much out of touch. Seems like I've been doing nothing but working, sleeping, eating. Oh yeah, and reading books … and listing to lots of music on my iPod while at work and in the car. But I can't figure out where all the time's going—there's got to be more of it around than just what it takes to work, sleep, eat, and read a bit. Does't there?

As I read or drive to work or work and/or listen to music I continue to Think Great Thoughts and to Formulate Interesting Posts about life or the book I'm reading or the music I'm listening to or whatever. However, on those rare occasions when I make it to the home keyboard, everything in my wee little brain seems to have evaporated.

Of course I've gotta go get dressed and go to work now. Remind me to tell you about the great summer camp Gavi went to earlier this summer. And I'd best mention that she's decided she doesn't want to go through the big public celebration of having become a bat mitzvah, so those of you who have it on their calendar can take it off and not buy airline tickets and such. More on that later too.

I don't know which frustrates me more about my relationship with LJ these days—not writing much or not keeping up with you guys. Both frustrate me a lot, though.



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