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Salt Peanuts! Salt Peanuts!

So Susan's parents gifted me a Photo iPod not long ago. I've toyed with putting a photo or two on it, but its screen is really too small to show off with, and I haven't felt like investigating that whole hook-it-up-to-a-TV thing as of yet, so I haven't done much in that direction. In fact, I've removed the few test photos I'd loaded. What I have been doing is loading lots of my CD's to the Mac's hard-drive and transferring them to the iPod.

It's been a sanity-saver at work, I must say. Well, maybe that's putting it too strongly, but it has been wonderful to be able to listen to my music while working.

I did have a portable CD player I could use at work (thanks to friend Geri whose new car has a factory-installed CD player) but I had to pause it and take off the headphones every time I got up from my desk. This wouldn't have been an issue at some jobs, but the way we do typesetting requires that I get up fairly frequently to take pages off the printer, hand them off, and then grab another batch to work. My lovely iPod is clipped to my belt and goes where I go. Whee!

Now that I'm able to immerse myself in my music again, I'm coming up with all sorts of interesting observations and discoveries that I'm eager to share with y'all … unfortunately I'm coming up with them while I'm a work, so I don't have the time and space to log on to LJ and share them with you, or even to write them down. I'm mentally chewing on some of them, though, and I hope soon to have some thoughts to share with you.


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