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Grxflgggnxxxxxx . . .

I should'a wrote sooner that I've been less depressed than that last entry. Not all beer and skittles by any means, but, you know, moments of actual okayness. Sill a rollercoaster, but at least not a bottomed-out and stalled rollercoaster.

One of the things . . . have you ever noticed? . . . I've got a whole lot of things to do -- a lot of things on my proverbial plate -- and I've been able to get some of them done, but it seems like when I get them done is not entirely volitional. I mean, sometimes I can massage images in Photoshop, sometimes I can do web pages (just put up a site for Gavi's school's parents' association), sometimes I can write, sometimes I can clean or do laundry or dishes, sometimes I can talk with people . . . but it seems that rarely can I do all or whichever many of those things I want to exactly when I want to or all at the same time or something. For ex: "Gee, I owe an email response to X," so I find myself able to do image processing but not writing. Grumble.

Hope I'm in a "capable of talking" mood tomorrow so I can go to (oh, poop, what's their LiveJournal name?) . . . anyway, their party.

Am late to help Gavi do her "make bubble gum" science experiment that was part of one of her birthday presents, so I best run.

Love to all.

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