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Confusion 31 Photos Soon

Got my color Confusion negatives and discs back from ProX (which, despite its name, is one of the 2-hour consumer photo chains in this area) and my b&w negatives and proofsheets back from DIGIgraphics/Photos Inc mid-week. Now I just have to scrap the awful images from the color rolls and maybe give some of the rest a quick Photoshop touch-up, and scan and touch-up the b&w rolls. I ended up making roughly 634 images between the time we left Minneapolis Thursday morning and when we returned home Monday night. I reckon a few of them are pretty good and, generally speaking, I'm pretty happy about it all. I hope to get them up before too long, and will let you know here when I do.

I'm even happier about the convention itself. I got to make and listen to lots of good music with lots of good people for many, many hours over the course of the weekend. (I'm not pleased that I slept from more-or-less early morning until 8pm on Saturday, thus missing many out on lots of what would undoubtably have been great converations and panels and other fun, but that's just how it goes sometimes.)

More later.

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