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2004: The Year In Review Meme

Does anybody other than the author read these things? In any case, I found this to be mildly amusing in spots, so I'm posting it. Don't be embarrassed to just skip it…

Summarizing 2004 with the first sentence of the first post of each month:

I've started a new community — The Jon Singer Fan Club jonsingerfnclb. So I got to wondering just exactly which Confusions I have attended over the years, and I went and looked at my personal "timeline" document. Sent today: To: Minn-Stf Board of Directors. A real, on-the-payroll, with benefits job. "History" isn't "what happened." I've probably gone completely 'round the bend and am engaging in theological speculation far, far beyond my depth, but I just had this thought. "…the mere smell of baking pastries has a marked effect on human behavior. …or whatever they're called these days—I mean, I don't think I've seen one advertising an agricultural concern for at least a decade now. In the hour when the Holy One, blessed be he, created the first man he took him and let him pass before all the trees of the garden of Eden, and said to him: See my works, how fine and excellent they are! …since we seem to be keeping track. I don't know what the deal is.


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