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Confusion 31 "explained" and other matters relevant to Fredcritter's recent poll....

welfy -- I'm confused

Just do as I do and hold your thumb on the script—that way you won't lose your place.

Oh, okay, seriously. Confusion is a Science Fiction convention.* Confusion 31 is coming up 21-23 January 2005. It's hosted by the Stilyagi Air Corps—the Ann Arbor Science Fiction Association—and is a more-or-less annual event that, once upon a time, was held in Ann Arbor, Michigan; however in recent years it's been in suburban Detroit. Traditionally there's a blizzard in Eastern Michigan on Confusion weekend, which always makes travel … interesting. I attended some of the first few Confusions and finally got around to going back again last year. I'm considering whether to go this year.

fastfwd -- Go, Fred. You'll thank yourself later.:)

Hmmmm. So you obviously think I'll still respect myself in the morning. Could might be.

netmouse -- Come be part of the Music...

How can I turn down a Personal Invitation from the Chair? Gosh. 'Tis true, the music last year was mighty fine. And it's been quite some time since I've had a chance to make music with friends Steve Brust and Emma Bull; although I did just do some tunes with Steve Leigh a couple of weekends ago; however I haven't seen Steve Macdonald since last year&hellip. I suppose Hartwell will want to sing Teenage Death Songs at Midnight as usual? Would be nice to see grumpy old Will again too. Hmmmmmmmmm. It's something to think about….

minnehaha -- Please do. Steve, Emma, Geri, me, etc., etc....

Which Steve? 'course, Emma, Geri, you, and especially etc. are mighty inducements.

sleigh -- I'd love to see (and hear) you there!

And I you. But it hasn't been years&years since last time yet. Besides, we'll always have Paris…

gomeza -- If I were going, I'd certainly say yes. :)

Yeah, it would be great to see you again too, although I understand why caution and your current situation preclude your attendance. So you're saying that as you're not going I, too, should stay home? That's a thought.

laurel -- We may go, would be cool to see you there

But we all live here in the Twin Cities! Why travel hundreds of miles just to see people one can see at home?

gerisullivan -- I'd like very much for doing so to work for you!

That's a nice even response. Thanks.

davidschroth -- You left out the 'Ooh. Clicky thing!' button

DRAT! So I did. And you had to go and point it out to everybody, didn't you?

jbru -- Hasn't he attended most of the recent ones?

Only for very small values of "most." Personally, I usually like to think of "most" as meaning "somewhat more than one," but I guess YMMV.

*Science Fiction Convention. If you are familiar with that term only from TV news or "feature" programs or Galaxy Quest then your mental image doesn't really match the reality of Confusions, or of the other sf conventions I like go to (although I won't rule out the possibility that there might well be some cons very like your mental image). These are not like trade shows or exhibitions; not like a stage presentation or a chance to see TV or movie stars; they're more like a weekend gathering of some number (ranging from, depending on the particular convention, oh, 25 or 50 to 5,000) of our closest friends (some of whom we have yet to meet) getting together to talk and amuse each other in various ways. There are almost always published (science fiction and/or fantasy) authors among the convention members, and while most are respected, they're not held at arms' length (nor do most hold themselves that way), they're usually there for the conversation and the community as much as any of the other members. (Again, this is unlike conventions where actors are paid to come in and do a "star turn" on stage and then disappear, and whose personal interests aren't necessarily related to those of the convention members.)

There's usually panel discussions (the best of which provide conversational fodder for the rest of the weekend), an art show, and a chance to hang and converse with like-minded people. I like to entertain myself in the evenings by finding a place to settle in and sing and play guitar—turns out there are usually other people with a similar thought, and we'll make tunes through the night; sometimes until the sun comes up. A lot of the late-night conversations are akin to those which, I believe, still happen on college campuses around the world. You know: what's it all mean … there's this good book I just read … she's one of the truly important thinkers of our time … I liked it better before they changed artists … I had this really interesing dream last night…. I'm sure you recognise the phenomenon. You know—saving the world—that sort of thing.

I've been involved in the Science Fiction fan community since I was 13, and have been attending conventions since I was 18. It's sort of my second family. I like the community a lot, although I have been feeling as if I don't fit in as well these days as I once did, which, I guess, is why I'm having to spend a lot of time thinking about whether I want to go to Confusion this year.


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