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Aww shucks... I love you.

I just watched Monterey Pop for the first time in… many years; I recall seeing it at one of the two theaters just off the UofM campus when it was first released, and I think I've seen it a couple of times since. Maybe they showed it during a PBS pledge week some years back? Anyway, it's not a half-bad movie. Not great, but pretty good. It contains some truly phenomenal and inspired music and some … mmmm … interesting music. Some nice visuals.

As I was watching it tonight I was struck by something I never consciously noticed before—I certainly hadn't noticed it at the rock concerts I personally attended and I guess it had simply escaped me while watching this and other concert films. This is forgivable as it's not really that obvious from the crowd shots; but, based on the close-ups, it seems that in the audience of the Monterey Pop concert women (attractive women especially) outnumbered men by something like eight or nine to one!


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