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This is scary, folks....

Have y'all heard about this?

A new poll on Iraq from the University of Maryland has yielded amazing results. It found that 72 percent of those who support President Bush still believe Iraq had weapons of mass destruction or a major program for developing them. Further, "75 percent of Bush supporters continue to believe that Iraq was providing substantial support to Al-Qaida, and 63 percent believe that clear evidence of this support has been found."
Every one of those beliefs is just plain wrong. Report after report by nonpartisan experts has established that Iraq had no WMD and no major program for developing them. Iraq did not provide substantial support to Al-Qaida.
Minneapolis StarTribune, October 22, 2004

(See also Molly Ivin's column of October 26, 2004. This is a link to her page on the Creators Syndicate web site.)

I find this amount of … is it ignorance or willful self-deception? … among my fellow citizens to be really frightening.


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