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Families meeting at Mt. Zion

This evening, Susan and I met Gavi at shul after her Hebrew school class and attended a meeting there with all the sixth-graders and their families. It was kind of a "kick-off" or introductory meeting for the next year or so in which all of the now-sixth-graders will become bar or bat mitzvah. Both Rabbis and both Cantors were there—they took turns explaining expectations and timing and answering some questions. It looks like it's going to be a busy year for us—especially for Gavi.

And now I run out of things to say. How do you folks do those breezy, chatty posts about what happened to you today? Oh well, I guess I'll keep trying and someday I'll maybe get better at it. I guess it's more likely I will if I keep trying to write regularly than if I just sit and think about doing so…


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