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So I didn't make it to the rally. jbru says it was pretty good too. *sigh*

Dutifully set the alarm for 3pm, woke up, had some cereal, conferred with Susan. She was feeling less than inspired; I decided I was feeling about the same. I think if we could have just been there we would have enjoyed it, but the whole process of getting there just seemed too daunting from where we sat just then. I went back to bed…

…and kept hitting the snooze alarm for about an hour after the alarm initially went off at 7pm. I don't know who dropped that piano but I sure know where it landed. I guess I needed the sleep. *yawn* I'm more-or-less awake now, which is a good thing since I'm at work. Unfortunately, there seems to be no work at work at the moment, so the struggle will be to stay awake and hope for something to show up.


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