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To Twin Cities Locals

The estate sale didn't go as well as we'd hoped, and there's still lots of stuff left over if anybody's interested. King size bed, frame, and headboard; triple dresser; hide-a-bed; armchair; beautiful chandelier and some nice table lamps; miscellaneous kitchen stuff … oh, I don't know, probably other stuff as well. Anybody locally interested? We need to get it cleared out before too much longer, one way or another. For some of it we'd like to get something, but we're being realistic about it. Let us know.

(10:30pm) We may need to have everything cleared out by the evening of Monday 20. Give us a phone call (me on my cell any time—if it's on, I'm awake—or one of us at home during the day).

(10:15pm, 9/23) Looks like we've got a little breathing room (maybe as much as a couple of weeks), but we still shouldn't drag our feet about getting around to it.


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