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Feed Caps

…or whatever they're called these days—I mean, I don't think I've seen one advertising an agricultural concern for at least a decade now. Anyway, you know: those caps with brims in front. I bought one a couple of months ago 'cause it has a cool sketch of Ignatz Mouse done by Jerry Garcia on it and it has a low crown so I thought it'd fit and look okay. Which it does. Maybe even better than okay. It looks pretty cool, actually. If I do say so myself. So I've been wearing it a bunch. Even found a T-shirt that goes nicely with it.

So lately at work I've noticed that there are some people who wear feed caps (…or whatever) fairly often, and I wondered about it. Is it a fashion statement? A psychological return to small town cafes or the farm? A religious thing? Who knows?

EDIT 10 SEPT 2004: I neglected to mention that they're wearing their caps indoors—I'm not surprised by people wearing caps, hats, and the like outdoors … unless their headgear is totally outlandish./EDIT

At any rate, there was this one day this past month, probably because I was wearing said matching T-shirt, that I ended up not taking off my cap when I got to work. I made an amazing discovery! When working at a computer in an open cubicle office environment with overhead florescent lighting, it is much more comfortable, much less strain on the eyes, to have an eye shade. Especially if you wear glasses. Even more especially if you wear trifocals. Wow! Who'd'a thunk?

So now I'm another one of those people who wears a feed cap at work. Heh.


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