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The Pirates of Penzance

Susan took me to the Guthrie production of The Pirates of Penzance Friday night. It was quite wonderful! I hear it's been extended, so I'll recommend that any of you who live in the Twin Cities area and who enjoy such things might just want to take an evening to see it. I'm going to encourage Susan's mother, perhaps, to take Gavi, since I'm pretty sure Gavi would love it.

I say this even though, as you may know, I have some sort of "processing" disability — I cannot, for the life of me, parse the words of a song or poem the first time I hear it. Or the second time. Or the third, fourth, fifth&hellip. Tenth or twentieth, maybe. Anyway, since the … plot, such as it was, was … er … "advanced" primarily in song, it was a little harder for me to follow the proceedings than it might otherwise have been. Even so I can certainly say that everything was wonderful. The acting was inspired, the singing great, and the dancing and choreography delightful. The costuming was most excellent. (The Pirate King very much reminded me of our friend Steven Brust, even though Steven's hat doesn't have a rim of feather-boa-stuff around the crown.) I also, as usual, came down with a mad crush on one of the actresses. (One of the non-lead sisters … the thin, dark one who reminded me a bit of Elizabeth Hall (speaking of mad crushes…).)

I will also note that they had added to some of the the songs here and there to incorporate a number of local references; I recognized some of the people and places, but couldn't parse their context. Susan tells me that some were quite witty while others, alas, fell a bit flat. Even so, I heartily recommend the production.


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