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Fascinating Statement

“Judaism is but the name by which a holy community—a people—passed into the modern world. Judaism is not a religion; the Jewish people has a religion.” —Arthur A. Cohen, The Myth of the Judeo-Christian Tradition, Harper & Row, New York, 1970, p. 57.

I'm pretty sure I don't fully understand that statement yet, but I think it makes for something interesting to chew on. The entire book is no less difficult, but, I think, ultimately rewarding. For example:

“What differentiates eschatology from the philosophy of history (distinguished justifiably from the metaphysics of history), what permits it to share more in common with metaphysical speculation than with traditional rational and empirical philosophy, is that eschatology seeks not only the external form and observable causality of history but also its internal spririt.” —page 7.

There are times I really wish I were smart…

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