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ConFusions Past

So I got to wondering just exactly which Confusions I have attended over the years, and I went and looked at my personal "timeline" document. Of course, I didn't think of keeping a personal timeline until well into my life, so in order to create it I had to go back to my apazines (and a few other sources) to find references to various events. (It is interesting to note that even now I do not even a fully half-assed job [more like a tenth-assed job] of keeping up the timeline, and frequently have to refer to other materials to fill it in "later" — when I think of it.)

Anyway, I found the following entries for Confusion:

Friday, 01/28/77 - Sunday, 01/30/77
Confusion, Ann Arbor
"[Confusion] is now over (it is 6:40pm, EST, January 31 (Monday)), and even the deadest of the dead dogs have left." —Of Camelot, page 8.

January? 1980
Confusion, Plymouth MI
"And now it's Tuesday, 1 January 1980. …as far as work goes…[they] seem to be willing to let me take off some time to go to ConFusion and to drive my mother down to Tucson, so I guess I'll probably stay there and in Minneapolis until Minicon." —Somebody I Can Talk To, page 6.
"It is 8 February 1981. …I got to thinking about last year's ConFusion, which will forever burn in my memory as absolutely the worst convention I've ever attended. …And I realized that while I was not overly thrilled with the way the committee had set up and run things; the real reasons I had had an awful time were personal and interpersonal and had very little to do with the committee or with the convention itself." —A Rare and Different Tune, pages 5-6.

Confusion, Plymouth MI
"It is 8 February 1991. I haven't done any writing on this since Confusion…" —A Rare and Different Tune, page 5.

I also found two name badges:

  • Confusion 6 and/or 7, Ann Arbor
  • The 9x109 names of Confusion, Ann Arbor

From the fact that both the badges say "Ann Arbor," while two of the three entries give Plymouth* as the location, I suspect that I'm missing an entry for at least one Confusion. Can anybody pin down the dates which correspond to those name badges and help me out?

*As I recall, that Plymouth hotel (a Hilton, was it?) was the location of most Detroit area conventions for a few years in the early 80's, although I have no idea why — it was inconveniently located far from any place to eat and its restaurant's hours were quite limited. Ah well, it's all water under the reactor at this point….


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