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Anybody interested in a 250GB internal drive?

I got a good deal on this 250GB Ultra ATA Maxtor internal drive becuase it was "open box" — that is, somebody had bought it and then returned it, after which ClubMac checked it to make sure it was still okay. I reckon this happened for the same reason I'm interested in selling it — it was only after I installed it that I found out/remembered that older Macs will only support drives up to 128GB. My Blue&White G3 happily reads the first 128GB of the drive, but not the rest. So if you have a newer desktop Mac (or … I think it would work in a Windows machine) and would like a good deal on a drive….

It's a perfectly good drive that normally retails for $269.99. You can have it for what I paid for it: $153.99. For details about the drive, check out the ClubMac product listing:

Let me know, eh? Thanks!


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