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The only time that seems too short... the time that we get to play.

So gerisullivan had her Toad Hall housecooling party last night. *sniff* We're gonna miss her around here, we are we are.

Geri and Toad Hall again wove their very special magic, and the music was really quite wonderful — quite like The Good Old Days in many respects. And, probably because it was, after all, the Last Waltz at Toad Hall, many surprising (or, come to think of it, maybe not-so-surprising) folks showed up to shmooze and kibbitz and play and listen and sing and hang out and chat and nosh and just generally be their wonderful selves once again. One hopes that perhaps this noteable ending of a chapter will also turn out to have been the start of a wonderful new chapter in the Minneapolis fannish scene.

Geri somehow managed to coax Reed Waller up from Hermit City — an operation which would have derailed at the last minute when Reed's car became indisposed but for the invaluable help of Jack Targonski who was coming up from Chicago and was willing to lenghten his trip by swinging by Hermit City to pick up Reed. This, as might be expected, ratcheted up the music (and general overall) wonderfulness a notch or three.

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