December 27th, 2009

Fredcritter gets political

Convention Dreaming

So I'm thinking that I'm not really up for the drive to Confusion next month for some reason but I haven't been getting to as many conventions as I'd like these days and oh look! Capricon is right there in the middle of February and Chicago isn't that far and I know some people there and hey! I even know some of the guests I wonder if I know anybody on the committee but regardless I'll bet there's the possibility that music might break out at some point and some of the Usual Suspects might even be there and it's four days long (why is that? he wonders) so there'd be even more chance for music and socializing and stuff so I figured I'd you know write up this post and see if anybody'd notice or even think this was an idea if I were to you know run it up the metaphorical flagpole as it were and see if … uh … where was I, Jon?