July 16th, 2009


VMware Fusion 2 or Parallels Desktop 4.0?

It's hard to sort out: both seem to have both extremely positive customer reviews (some of which even diss the other product) and extremely negative ones. I'm thinking perhaps that some of the negative ones are like the comments about online food recipes from people who do a bunch of substitutions and quantity changes the very first time they try it and then complain it's a horrible recipe that doesn't turn out right …

Any opinions here among the cognoscente?

Edit: Oh. Right. I just remembered something that might be an extra consideration: I've already used Bootcamp to create a partition and have loaded XP and a couple of programs. Can either or both programs share that or do I have to do an entire reload in the virtual environment? This, of course, it less important than full functionality, but still a point of interest.

Edit 2: My goal is to be able to run Windows XP in a virtual environment on my (new!) Mac Pro with reasonable results and without too many bad side-effects.