March 29th, 2009

Fredcritter in Coraline's tunnel

Travel . . .

Drove down to Tucson with the family last week to drop off a dress form, pick up a pot, and visit with some folks. Susan is perfectly capable of driving but I was selfish and did it all myself.

Wednesday night (the 18th) we stayed in a motel on the edge of Oklahoma City, after a somewhat long day of driving. (The first hour or so of Kansas isn't that bad—the problem is that Kansas, not unlike diamonds, is forever. Even when you're not driving latitudinally.) The drive from Oklahoma City to Albuquerque took less time and was much more interesting—especially the last half of it. (I wonder now why I had made our room reservations at motels in towns rather than, say, 40 or 50 miles out, where the rooms are likely to be cheaper. Ah well. Live and learn.)

(More to follow…)