March 8th, 2009

Fredcritter in Coraline's tunnel

25 Things

25 Random Things About Me

  1. This list is not random. I neither doubt nor deny that randomness might be possible but I am certain that it’s not something I could attain when pressed to write 25 things about myself. Besides, when you come right down to it, I’m pretty sure that a truly random list of 25 things about me would not be the least bit interesting. I mean, c’mon: “I have type B Negative blood, my eyes are blue, I have a small scar on my…” Bor-ring.
  2. Not only was I born at a very early age, my adoption had been prearranged before I made my grand entrance. Exit. You know what I mean.
  3. Kindly Ma and Pa Haskell, the folks who found me laying in a tiny rocket ship crashed in a field … er … um … heh … That is to say, the people I mean when I say “my parents”, “my mother,” “my father” (may their memory be a blessing) are Joe & Ellamae Haskell. (I became a “Levy Haskell” on that happy, happy day when I married Susan.) I was truly fortunate to have been adopted by them, as they were wonderful, kind, loving, and giving people from whom I learned a lot about the world and especially about being a mensch.
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