December 24th, 2008

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Other film recommendations

saracura was trying to remember the name of a movie she’d seen a long time ago that she really liked. barondave suggested that it might be Allegro non troppo (beating me to it by several hours), which turned out to be correct. This lead me to post a reply about some other Nichetti movies I’m quite fond of, and I decided to repost what I said about them here in my own journal. I’ve actually been meaning to do so for a while now, so this provided a nice nudge in that direction. Now all’s I have to do is write some thoughts/comments about them, rather than just tossing them out there…

If you like Allegro non troppo, there’s a fair to good chance you’ll also like one of my favorite movies: Volere volare. You might also like The Icicle Thief [Ladri di saponette]. Maurizio Nichetti was involved in all of them in writing, directorial, and acting roles. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, Volere volare has only been released in the States in video tape format [which I see listed from Amazon sellers from $5.95 (oh, and some highway robber is offering a PAL DVD for “only” $85. heh. One of those “whatever the market will bear” kinda guys, I guess)]. The Icicle Thief also seems to be video tape only, but for it Amazon has a “notify me when available” listing.

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