December 18th, 2008

Fredcritter gets political


It was awe-inspiring. Magnificent. Beautiful. Amazing. Totally amazing. Totally freakin' amazing.

In other words, pretty darned good.

The 3D glasses are big and designed to fit over your glasses (if you are one of those people like me who wears prescription glasses so they can see clearly anything more than two feet away; if you're not, they'll fit you nicely as well). I had a slight problem finding exactly the right way to hold my head to see the entire screen clearly—I strongly suspect that this was a due to a combination of exactly how I had to hold my head relative to the screen, the dynamics of the best place to look through the 3D glasses, and the fact that my regular glasses are bifocal so there's a smaller functional area for distance vision. Which leads me to a recommendation for when you see the movie: if you wear glasses—particularly if you wear bifocals—you might want to sit a half-dozen rows or so farther back than you normally do. That's certainly going to be what I'll do if I can pry myself out of the house for a thoroughly worthwhile second viewing of the film.

In case you missed it up there in the previous paragraph, I'll say it again: see this film!

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