April 27th, 2008

Fredcritter with camera

An AppleCon a Year Keeps the Somebody Something

So, like, I have these two separate albums on ImageEvent for my photos from AppleCon 2008: one lives in the Experimental & Artistic folder and the other in the Science Fiction Conventions folder. The basic difference between them is whether they were taken under the influence of my new-found freedom from concern about blur and/or focus or whether they were of a more conventional (heh) nature.

Based on that criterion, this image lives the the former folder even though I think itʼs really just a fairly nice representation of … hm … Hospitality in Action at the convention. That is, while blurry, itʼs not out there on the cutting edge of “experimental.” However, in any case, be that as it may, for better or for worse, one way or the other, here it is, for your consideration and for your viewing pleasure.

AppleCon 2008
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P.S. Iʼve been reading and enjoying your comments and I really intend to respond directly to them (otherwise this whole exercise becomes “all serve and no volley,” which I find to be a whole lot less fun), but it appears my wee little brain is at the moment resisting my attempts to throw the switch over to “respond mode.” Oh fudge. Iʼll get there yet, you betcha.