April 1st, 2008

Fredcritter with camera

"On cropping" continues . . .

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Sara Sara Sara, our friend dd_b had an interesting comment and suggestion about cropping one of the Sara photos in his reply to my post To Crop or Not To Crop . . . that got me to thinking and experimenting in Photoshop. He said:

There's a third option on the picture of Sara, which might bear examination: clone out the detail on the left (or paint over, or whatever works). Plain white wall, and plain carpet; very easy to duplicate. And then just a *little* baseboard to fake up (I'd lose the whole concept of the stairway if I did this).

That tempts me because the cropped version is coming rather too close to the mirror image being exactly across the vertical centerline; keeping the original composition keeps it closer to center and right 1/3 line.

The first two images are the ones on which he was commenting; the third is what I ultimately came up with:

First Crop   Original   Latest Crop
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