March 16th, 2008


Match it for Pratchett!

Match it for Pratchett
Campaign logo by gillo

It occurs to me that not everyone who reads my LJ and who might like to know about this fund drive will have already heard about it, so I'll go ahead and put this up. However, I'm not feeling especially skilled in the words-together department at the moment, so I'll just quote my friend fastfwd who thought of this tremendously worthwhile thing:

Today, it was announced that Terry Pratchett has donated half a million pounds to Alzheimer's research. Hearing that, it occurred to me that if half a million of us all donated a pound to Alzheimer's research, we could match his donation and make it an even million.

So whaddaya say, guys? It's a pound. That's about 2 bucks US dollars, give or take a couple of (US) pennies. You can spare that much. Go here and make your donation. Tell them it's in honour of Terry Pratchett.

Or if you'd rather make your donation to a U.S. organization, you may go to the Alzheimer's Association Donations Page.

For more information about this, clicking on the banner will take you to the Match It For website. There's also a Facebook group: Matching Funds With Terry Pratchett.