March 13th, 2008

Can't sleep . . .

User icons

In just this past half-hour I've encountered two good reasons to use this icon that I rarely use. So I thought I'd best invent a totally stupid and entirely frivolous reason to use it a third time. Just 'cause. And this is it.

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Fredcritter with camera

Another photothought from da fredcritter

I don't know. I know it only works when very large. At least, I think it only works when very large. If it works at all. I dunno. So click on it and see what you think….

It'll probably fall out of favor fairly quickly. But, well, I thought of it. I did it. I might just as well post it. It was taken in June of '07—the same time as my other Itasca State Park photos (very few of which have been post-processed and posted yet). All time in good things. Erm.

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