March 5th, 2008


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Gavi admires her frog while holding up her letter

Tummy trouble kept me home from work today, but I had to gather myself together enough to go to the school Fencing Awards Banquet this evening where Gavi received her letter.

I'm a little sad my father, of blessed memory, wasn't able to see this. He lettered in three sports (football, basketball, and baseball) in each of his four years of high school in Milaca. I won't say I was a disappointment to him, because I don't for a moment believe that, but I do know he'd have liked it if I'd been more inclined towards athletics. So I believe seeing Gavi letter would have been a very sweet moment for him.

For that matter, it was a very sweet moment for me. I am very proud of her. I'm also very proud that the team voted her the "most improved" sabre fencer this year. Yay Gavi! Way to go!